Starting A Video Blog To Earn Money

Many people do not realize it but the internet provides us with many opportunities to earn money. If you are not internet savvy and you are not a very tech oriented person, you may not realize this but the truth is, you do not have to struggle at your full time job that you dislike if you simply learn how to use the internet to your advantage.

One great way to earn money on the internet is to have your own Youtube channel and upload videos on to it. You can start your own video blog where you can share your thoughts and you can also use this same blog in order to travel places and document your journeys which will get you a lot of views and therefore bring in a lot of money. Of course, you will have to invest in a travel sim card in order to do this and to ensure continuous internet on your phone where you will make your videos.If you are travelling outside of your country, you might need to get a prepaid international sim card for your phone in order to ensure uninterrupted internet coverage.

Choose your topics wisely

One of the best ways for you to ensure that you get a lot of views is to choose your topics well and for you to speak about trending topics. One example would be vegan food. The vegan lifestyle is one of the fastest growing lifestyles the world has ever seen and therefore, if you focus on vegan food availability and vegan food reviews while you travel, you should be able to increase your number of views because vegans and those looking to become vegans will watch your video before they travel to the same location. You will also find that they will share your video among their own friends and their community which will help to increase your views. You should also learn how to target your videos at certain communities and market sectors in order to ensure the most amount of views.

Your goal with your videos will be to encourage and inspire other young travelers to go to certain places. You will find that as you become popular, you will have other companies coming to you and asking if you would use their products in your video for an agreed fee which will be another way of earning money. Companies like coca cola and nestle have been known to do this with bloggers who have a big amount of followers.

Mobile App Market And It’s Benefits

Addicted to your smartphone or other smart devices? Weather your walking on the streets or going to the mall of on the train or catching us with a few friends you and everyone else around you are with your heads down checking social media of reading news or chatting with friends on your smart device. The average smart device user has n approximately 32 apps on the smartphone, and you may be thinking of downloading a few more just to keep you more organized and reduce stress so that you can attend to that other chore without worrying about what you need to do in the night because your app will organize it for you, you can visit this link to see this awesome employee training applications.

Today’s busy executives have no time to do the things may be our parents used to do everything needs to come easily and professional app development is a great thing for busy person. There are a few smart phone apps which are relevant to the professionals in today’s market,

Everyone manages their tasks in their own ways. Some manages with post it notes or reminders on their phones or even google docs.If you want your tasks managed easily this app is a helpful one which syncs information on the mobile as well at the desktop.

• LinkedIn
Most people today use this app for daily use but you just might not know how powerful this app can be on your phone. This app allows you to see the people beforehand of your meeting and makes all meetings much smarter so that you can read and identify the background of the person.

• Rescue Time
The way time goes when your on sites like Facebook is a mystery. If you don’t know where time goes it’s good to start using Rescue Time which is available on desktops and android devices. It will be surprising to know the time spent on these sites understanding these habit may increase your productivity.

As much as there are professional app development there are also an educational mobile app development market. There are millions of apps to choose from and trying to identify which ones suit best can be time consuming. The app store has various apps but it will be a difficult task to identify which educational app development ones are the most useful.

Some of the useful educational apps

• Khan Academy
Rating on average in app store: 5/5
Cost: FREE
It is a great app for test which are upcoming.You can learn about almost any subject for absolutely free and you could even download videos to watch offline.

• TapQuiz Maps World Edition
Rating on average in app store: 4.5/5
Cost: FREE
It is a great way to learn can be a tool to remember names of various countries